So I was traveling through Bolivia recently visiting Abraham and I came across the cutest little girl I think I have EVER met! She is 4 years old, (the same age as Abraham's brother Dante) and she told me her birthday was December 22, 2007. That's a Christmas baby! I discovered that she lives with her mom and dad. And just seeing them, I know that they love their daughter VERY much. She has 3 other siblings! I am amazed! And she was all giggles with her dolls and she told me that was her favorite thing to play with. And since she isn't currently attending school, I bet she plays with them allot! (of course when she isn't helping her mom and dad by running errands and cleaning!)

But, why listen to me? What can I do to show you how pretty she is? I know! I'll show you her! Her name is Jhoselyn Condori. I love that name!
But, if you would like to sponsor a different child, that is fine too! September also happens to be a BIG month for Compassion! It is also Compassion Blogger Month. Where we are trying to get 3,108 kids sponsored just by people like you reading my ramblings and my Travel Logs and feeling compelled to help JUST ONE. You don't have to sponsor 3,108 kids. You can sponsor one child. And make a little girl like Jhoselyn smile and see her become an amazing woman who will not only escape poverty, but who knows? She might be president of Bolivia someday!
9/6/2012 09:56:12 am

She is adorable! I hope she gets a good sponsor.

9/7/2012 01:06:48 am

Kimberly, I love your passion for these kids! Beautiful love of Jesus all over the place. I am also a Compassion Blogger. Please feel free to stop over anytime. Here's a link to my first assignment:

Mallory Viertel
10/2/2012 12:33:38 am

This is great so encouraging just makes you want to do more !

10/2/2012 01:45:08 am

It does, doesn't it? You wouldn't believe how much I want to do, but can't. I wish my heart was as big as my wallet some days.


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