Last week, I posted about a little boy in the Philippines needing a sponsor, well, I have exciting news! My church's college group ministry is going to do a group sponsorship of him! :D I don't know how this will ultimately work, but with God's hand in it, it will be amazing!

Also, I found out that I have one a correspondence packet giveaway for one of my kids! Thing is, I have 4 (soon to be 5) kids I write to. Picking one to get this big prize seems almost selfish and unfair on my part. :( Its hard for me since I love all of them and couldn't possibly choose... ugh. I would choose Mekdelawit if its more of a girly packet but, if its a boyish packet, I will do my 3 boys. But, its for more of an older boy I will have to go with Wilson since it just dawned on me that I never sent him anything for Christmas!! But, Abraham is a child after my own heart. If its for a little boy I will pick Brayan. Just deciding is SO hard!!


Will you join in praying over these things with me?
Mallory Viertel
10/22/2012 11:25:36 am

Great news . I am praying for you and your children !


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