So, I got a new spotlighted kid, Wilson. His full name is Wilson Fernando Sayay Acan. He lives in Ecuador in the jungle. From what i have heard about the Ecuadorian jungle (correct me if I am wrong) the letters are few because of the remoteness of it. But, knowing this, I am OK with that. I just want him to know he is loved. He is below average, so he will need extra encouragement when it comes to school, but I understand that. I struggled with school my whole life. Still do. He speaks Spanish, so its still consistent because Brayan and Abraham also speak Spanish. He is the same age age as Abraham, which is helpful and I want to make a really good relationship with him. Here is his information from Compassion International. I will be making a spotlight page with more information on Wilson.

Child Information

Child Number: EC228
Personal Name: Wilson
Gender: M
Birth date: 8/5/1998
Information last updated: 10/1/2011
Schooling US School Grade Equivalent: 7
School Performance: Below Average
Completion Date: 20161001
    Child is attending school
Family Duties
  • Washing clothes
  • Running errands
  • Making beds
  • Cleaning
  • Child care
  • Kitchen help
Hobbies and Sport
  • Soccer/Football
  • Baseball
  • Swimming
  • Hide-and-Seek
  • Cars
  • Ping pong
  • Jump rope
  • Other ball games
  • Story telling
  • Father
  • Mother
Natural Parents Marital status of parents: Now married
  • Natural parents are together
  • Father is alive
  • Father is living with child
  • Father is supporting child
  • Mother is alive
  • Mother is living with child
  • Mother is supporting child
  • Father/Male Guardian is employed
  • Father/Male Guardian is a farmer
  • Mother/Female Guardian is at times employed
  • Mother/Female Guardian sells in the market

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