I visited Uganda recently and saw 3 new kids that really stole my heart. While not going too in depth with my excitement, as you can find out through our Uganda Spotlight. These kids are not through Compassion International. Although, Compassion does work in Uganda. These kids are through an organization called Auntie's Angels. Its a very small organization, but one I am excited to be apart of. These kids are my pen pals. I don't financially sponsor them in anyway. But, I have tons of pictures!!!! There names are:
Jacob Ssali

Age: 9 years old
Grade: 2nd grade
I picked him because even though he is not an orphan, he is still one that needs to be loved. :)
Jonathan Ssemata

Age: 5 years old
Grade: Kindergarten
I picked him because I had another child that I was writing to but, he was picked up by another person without my knowledge. Also, Jonathan is an orphan so that has to be hard being 5 years old and having no parents to look up to. So, I took him because of that. Also, in his first picture I saw that he had really rough shoes, and he looked like someone who could truly benefit from my letters.
Faidah Nabanda

Age: 8
Grade: 2nd grade
I picked her because shortly before sponsoring her, my friend, Wally, went to Uganda and he saw that most girls are forced into prostitution and most have AIDS and are morally and physically abused. And when I heard about that, I knew I needed a little girl to help. :)

Beautiful kids and a beautiful thing to do! God Bless you Kimberly!


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