We have all heard that song once in our lives. "Out God, is an awesome God He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom and power..."

But sometime when we sing it, we just sing the words and don't really think of the meaning of how special that actually is.

I learned that yesterday on how powerful it actually was. :) I am (was) in the process of raising funds for my spotlighted kid, Mark to sponsor him. Well, I had asked on OurCompassion for people to pray that God would lead me to the right decision. And 2 people on OurCompassion stepped forward and said that they wanted to help me. one person wanted to give a small donation. And another gave me 2 months sponsorship for him! I can't express how amazing that is for me. I don't have to worry. I have been praying nonstop for Mark since i lost him on October 16. And I love him too much to see him go to someone else. And my church is raising money for him, and now I have 2 months to get the 3rd and 4th month. And its a process that I am so happy about. In the beginning I didn't know if God was hearing my prayers, and yesterday, He did. and not only did He hear it, but He acted. If God were here standing in front of me right now, I would hug Him and cry. Because it was a burden that I placed on myself because I loved Mark too much. It was easy to give him up to Compassion for another sponsor, but God had other plans. It was something that I went in with, with lots of fears, questions and doubts. But, I knew God would take care of us. And now, he will be mine. And the only way I will loose him is if he were to leave Compassion. I don't have to worry about someone dropping him.

And when i spoke to Compassion yesterday, I explained my story and the lady was like, "That is amazing! Do you mind if i share your story with my supervisor?" and I was like, "No I don't mind!" So now everyone at Compassion knows my story. :)

And now I can become an advocate for Compassion! :) (i already was, but now i can make it official)

You really need to update your blog with your new kids lol.


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