Ok, my weekend was AWESOME!! OK, so yesterday I got 4 dollars for Mark. (some people forgot, so I am going to get more next week. I hope. I am going to keep praying.)

And then, i had my audition for singing and tech. Singing was HARD! Well, first I guess he could tell I was extremely nervous, so we just did idol chit chat and spoke about my experiences with technology, school, and my singing background. And he also wanted me to share my testimony. That was long. Its not a short and sweet testimony. And it amazed him. I really like the new guy more than I liked the old pastor. The pastor scared me. He was too strict. And he held us to a higher standard. which is fine, but its a volunteer position. I am doing this for God and because I love what I do. And we actually prayed. And it made me feel better it wasn't like a BOOM! do the audition. It was gradual. Which I liked. And I sang Mighty to Save (I was honest with him. I told him "I was lazy I didn't want to have to learn a new song." he thought it was funny) and he loved it. I also sang Hear I Am to Worship. The melody was easy, but he had me harmonize because i could read music. That was tricky. I got the first verse easily but I kept slipping because he was singing melody. And then he was like, "Ok. now follow me." And we walked into another room with a piano and he made me do vocal warm ups. I have not done vocal warm ups in a year or so. It was interesting. He made me name chords and triads and stuff. More advanced music than just reading music on a paper. Like the fact that he was making me try to reach a 3rd Major Triad Augmented. I told him it was too low. And so we went higher. And I did the vocal warm ups and I can sing so high that he said I could break glass. :D He was like, "You made it. Now I just want to see how high you can sing" and I started singing and he was like "yea your definitely a soprano." The thing was I was nervous so I wasn't singing from my stomach. I was singing from my nose. (big difference, actually. Most artists (mainstream) sing from their nose. That is why it sounds horrible.) Once I sang from my stomach, I realized I could hit much higher notes. Its harder with just your nose. So yea, I am officially a singer! 20 minutes later, and I am awesome! I walked into his office, signed a covenant. Which was really cool. There were some things we had to meet like requirements, which was easy. Like being a believer. :) Got that covered. 5 years ago. Thanksgiving Day. Yea, i am pretty sure I am Saved. :) (not to get cocky) 

Christmas. Ok, so yesterday was my family's annual pre Thanksgiving Dinner. We do it for the extended family that can't be there for the actual Thanksgiving. It was awesome! And its cool outside, and I had Christmas music playing, and Christmas potpourri going and it spelled like Christmas fruit loops. :) (my dad had a potpourri in there before that, that was some cake thing that smelled like fruit loops.) And my mom bought a new christmas cd and it had the traditional ones (the "secular" Christmas songs) and many Christian ones which surprised me allot! :D

I also won a giveaway!!! This giveaway was done by a really great friend of mine, Teresa Dawn. I really would like to read this book and since I just won another giveaway with another book I will have allot of reading to do! And I hope to send the Autumn packet as soon as it arrives in my mailbox!

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