I found out from Compassion that i will be heading to Bolivia to meet Abraham. I havent been to see him since February so I'm really excited! But, while I am home, I was looking through somethings and I found a lost letter from my friend,Wally, who wrote a letter to my mom while she was in the hospital for cancer treatment. I never knew how much he loved me till I read this. This is the letter:

Hey Mrs. Peters: I know you don't know me at all. My name is Wally and I host Total Axxess (now The Wally Show) I have been trying to help Kimberly for the past year. (he wrote this when i was 19. I'm 21 now)

I was sad to hear about all that you have been through and I know you are dealing with some pretty tough stuff right now. My mother in law had a 7 year battle with cancer and she definitely had good and bad days. She was an amazing woman who was an inspiration to everyone who came in contact with her during her battle. She constantly pointed people to God through even her darkest time. I really hope and pray that this time will be as painless as possible and that you can get back to your family as soon as possible.

I know though my conversations with Kimmy, that she loves you very much and wants this all to be over for you soon. She just wants you guys to be close and that even through this has been so tough she loves that it has brought you guys closer.

I am proud of where Kimmy is today compared to a year ago when we met. She has matured. Before when there was a problem she made it all about her. Anything in life that went wrong she used it an example of why God hated her and was punishing her. I was happy to see that when you started all of your treatments she was first concerned for you and how you felt and not how this was so horrible for her. It was a huge step forward for her.

Kimmy has a big heart and I can only think that you have played a big role in fostering that in her. I think that someday she will do big things to help people. That seems to be where her heart is at.

For what it is worth you and your family are constantly in my prayers and I hope and pray this troubled time will be followed by and amazing time of peace for you guys becuase Lord knows you have earned it. Take care of yourself.


It made me really happy to read that and it made me cry. I didnt know howm much he actually loved me. I kept thinking he didnt care about me and that I was just another listener on the radio. And that my life didnt really matter to him. This letter is a letter that God wanted me to find so that I could be reminded that Wally does care about me. He hasn't written to me in a long time and I thought that was because he didnt care. This shows that clearly he does.

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