This is the second travel log for our trip. We were in Bolivia recently, and we had met up with one of our Bolivian spotlighted kids named Brayan. Well, we were going to have a conversation with him but there was no translator, and the transcript of the conversation wasnt completed. So, I had to send the transcription of the conversation back to headquarters to have it finished. And they said that they were sorry that they didnt have a translator available, but that they invited us back to Bolivia in 10 weeks when there would be a translator and the transcription of the conversation would be available for me to pick up. Its a bummer to have to do all that, but, I am excited for it to be returned to me.
On a better note, we got to speak with the other Bolivian spotlighted kid, Abraham, and I
contacted Compassion and they said that they had a new photo of him! I posted it
Bolivia Spotlight
page. He is so much taller now. He looks like a
man and less like a kid. Makes me very proud.

We should be
heading to the Philippines for a day, and hopefully if we gain clearance, we
will be heading to Ethiopia for a day. But i need more clarification on Ethiopia. But, we will be in the Philippines any day now. I will update with a new log when we are in the Philippines.

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