I will be home till further notice. I do know that Mekdelawit (one of my Spotlighted Kids) will be celebrating her 11th birthday in 2 months! I am really excited! I have been thinking of the things i can send her for her birthday. I always go to see them on their birthdays. I think it makes them feel better. :) and i will probably bring her a birthday card with stickers.

I found a great website page that I think allot of people should see. 
So many of the world's poor live on less that $1.25 a day. (what the national poverty line is at when they will consider you "poor") and this si a glimpse of what live would be like if you had to live how they lived for a month. Let alone a day. Its scary. I took the quiz. I was able to live on less than 1.25 but could you?Tell me if you passed! I am really curious to see if others passed as well. :)

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