So I was traveling through Bolivia recently visiting Abraham and I came across the cutest little girl I think I have EVER met! She is 4 years old, (the same age as Abraham's brother Dante) and she told me her birthday was December 22, 2007. That's a Christmas baby! I discovered that she lives with her mom and dad. And just seeing them, I know that they love their daughter VERY much. She has 3 other siblings! I am amazed! And she was all giggles with her dolls and she told me that was her favorite thing to play with. And since she isn't currently attending school, I bet she plays with them allot! (of course when she isn't helping her mom and dad by running errands and cleaning!)

But, why listen to me? What can I do to show you how pretty she is? I know! I'll show you her! Her name is Jhoselyn Condori. I love that name!

Poverty is something that everyone knows exists, and people think that poverty was something that only started recently. Well, I have some verses that shows that poverty not only was around the time of Jesus (about +2,000 years ago) but way before that. Even in the old testaent. But... God loves the poor. He shows that all through the bible. And for sponsors like us who have never really delt with true poverty (we can say "oh im poor" but go a week without the basic neccessities and you'll see how "poor" you really are) we sometimes can feel overhelmed. I know I have. And I think "Does Compassion help? I mean, what if the kids arnt ready to graduate the compassion program, and therefore never get the chance to get rid of poverty?" That is when I read God's Word. And in it He doesn't say that the poor are left for the slaughter like pigs. NO! He gives them hope. I am amazed when I see people in poverty. It puts my faith to downright shame. I have everything, so I can rejoice for being grateful to God for having everything. I may not have that car (I dont even have my drivers license.) I see at the dealership, but I have everything I NEED. And if i need to get somewhere, I can get there. I have food. I have shelter. I may not have a bed to sleep on (long story) but i have a couch, and I am probably the only person I know that wouldn't mind sleeping on a floor and give up my bed to my brother because his broke. Becuase I know it only last a few hours. (and I enjoy sleeping) But, i enjoy reading God's Word on the poor. I grew up in Pompano Beach, Florida which is the poorest area of Florida besides Miami. And its scary to have holes in the ceiling and one time i will never forget, I was in 5th grade and I watched a rat (yes a rat) come out of a hole in my house and take some food that was sitting near me and leave. And it was common. When we finally had money to fix somethings, we had the bathtub redone (it had cracks and it always leaked and it was rusted) and the workers instaling the tub kept getting sick becuase there were dead rats in the pipes. It was gross. And the crome was bad. But, thats where my heart comes in. When i was scared that I didnt have money to buy lunch at school or school supplies I prayed to God. I wasnt the greatest kid. I got into trouble allot. But, I never forget where i can from. And I dont want any child to feel the same way.

But, i look at these verses for hope and inspiration when I think of my situation and it makes my day brighter. Feel free to use them in a letter to your kids!

So, I am not at home right now. :) I am in the beautiful country on Bolivia. And I got the pleasure to see a really great friend of mine named Abraham. He had been busy caring for his siblings, but was able to stop and talk with us for a few minutes. He said that he greeted us with peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. And he was ecstatic for the photos and stickers and books that his sponsor had recently given him. He really enjoyed them and thought they were very nice. He was telling us that on Christmas he helped his mother cook dinner, and he was telling us about the struggles that his sponsor was having recently with being in the hospital and how she was having problems with her brain, and he said that he really hoped that her brain is well and that she didnt have any problems. :) I noticed that he was all bundled up in warm clothes and he said that it has been very cold lately. And he asked me how the weather is in Florida, and I explained that to him. He told me that his sponsor had also said that she had hurt her nose (I'm guessing his sponsor is a real klutz) and that he prays that she would get better and heal soon. Before we left, we had asked him if there was anything that we could pray about, and he said he really wanted us to pray for his previous sponsor. I didn't ask why he wanted us to pray for him, but he did say that he wanted his life to go well and that he wouldn't turn away from God. He told us that he really hoped that we had had a good Christmas with our families. He said that now Christmas and New years are over, he is back in school. He asked us when our birthdays are and that he wanted us to know that his birthday is May 11. He had told us in the past that his family might be having problems, and i was praying for that, and he said that now there are no problems in his family. and that thanks to God, there were no problems in his family. He said he was giving thanks to God to hear that his sponsor was doing better. He was really worried about her. He said that his brother, Alfredo, went into military training, and that is makes him sad because he misses him allot. He said that his birthday was May 6 and he turned 20. He told us that his brother, Kevin, has a birthday in April 26th. And he said that his little sister's birthday is June 22nd, and his younger brother's birthday is April 20th. And he said that he heard that his sponsor and her sister fight allot. :) and he said that he is praying that that situation improves. We conveyed out goodbyes and he said that he loved his sponsor and that he said he always signs each letter with "with love, Abraham"

I hope to get to talk to him some more soon. This is the longest ive had to wait to hear from him. So I am hoping it wont be another 3 months before i get to see him again. :)
Hello fellow passengers! This is the first travel log of our trip. Most recently, we went to the country of Bolivia. The country of Bolivia is breath taking. With its lush and vibrant culture, its definitely a sight to see!

We spoke to one of our featured kids named Brayan. He is 6 years old, and he lives with his mother and father. We asked him a few questions, and through the help of his sister, Sandra, this is what he had to say:

Hello dear sponsor Kimberly Warren,
We greet you with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I'm his sister, Sandra, and I help Brayan write his letter
Brayan is happy and grateful for the sponsorship that you give him
Brayan is doing well at school and he has many friends called: Luis, Jose, Cristian, and Melani.
Brayan likes playing soccer and tag, his favorite food is baked chicken. 
He wanted to ask you questions. What food do you like eating
We'll say goodbye with much affection, may God bless you.
Sandra (sister)

It was very interesting hearing of the experiences of a 6 year old in a country that just begs for help from a loving sponsor. I was able to talk to him and explain to him my favorite food is sushi. And it was nice to explain to him what it was.

If you feel compelled to sponsor a lovely boy like Brayan feel free to use a free laptop, as provided by this airline, to go to to help a needy child just like Brayan.

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