The contest winners for the booklets are as follows:

Teresa Oldridge- BC, Canada
Shadera Lorrain- Missoula, MT
Belinda Crowe- winconsin Dells, WI
Lori Mills- Peck, KS
Jennifer Doiron- NB, Canada

I will announce contest winners officially tomorrow, but if you have recieved a email from me, you can guarantee that you have a clear shot of winning! What I would like to know is, for people who did the contest, or saw the contest, what did you like about it? What do you think I could improve upon? Please leave your comments below so i can make my website a website that everyone can enjoy!

Thanks and GOOD LUCK!
I am still home for now. I don't live a really interesting life, (no matter what FaceBook tells you) and so I really didnt have a well- thoughtout Log entry for today. As I thought of theings to log about, I thought of all the kids i have met and how even though I may know a thing or two about poverty, there are people out there who have no idea the magnitude of poverty and how it affects its most vulnerable victims... children. I was on the Compassion website when I saw a list of poverty facts. And I thought "How many people know these facts?" and I thought of turning it into a quiz.

                                            Poverty Quiz

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