This is the second travel log for our trip. We were in Bolivia recently, and we had met up with one of our Bolivian spotlighted kids named Brayan. Well, we were going to have a conversation with him but there was no translator, and the transcript of the conversation wasnt completed. So, I had to send the transcription of the conversation back to headquarters to have it finished. And they said that they were sorry that they didnt have a translator available, but that they invited us back to Bolivia in 10 weeks when there would be a translator and the transcription of the conversation would be available for me to pick up. Its a bummer to have to do all that, but, I am excited for it to be returned to me.

Hello fellow passengers! This is the first travel log of our trip. Most recently, we went to the country of Bolivia. The country of Bolivia is breath taking. With its lush and vibrant culture, its definitely a sight to see!

We spoke to one of our featured kids named Brayan. He is 6 years old, and he lives with his mother and father. We asked him a few questions, and through the help of his sister, Sandra, this is what he had to say:

Hello dear sponsor Kimberly Warren,
We greet you with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I'm his sister, Sandra, and I help Brayan write his letter
Brayan is happy and grateful for the sponsorship that you give him
Brayan is doing well at school and he has many friends called: Luis, Jose, Cristian, and Melani.
Brayan likes playing soccer and tag, his favorite food is baked chicken. 
He wanted to ask you questions. What food do you like eating
We'll say goodbye with much affection, may God bless you.
Sandra (sister)

It was very interesting hearing of the experiences of a 6 year old in a country that just begs for help from a loving sponsor. I was able to talk to him and explain to him my favorite food is sushi. And it was nice to explain to him what it was.

If you feel compelled to sponsor a lovely boy like Brayan feel free to use a free laptop, as provided by this airline, to go to to help a needy child just like Brayan.

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