My beautiful spotlighted child, Mark, needs a sponsor.

Here is all the information i have on him:

Mark is 8 but will be 9 on October 31. His name is Mark Darryl Macas. He is 8 years old. But don't let age fool you! This kid is one smart cookie! He is in 4th grade and very active! Chores he does on a typical day is that he washes clothes, he does the gardening, he runs errands, he cleans, he does the animal care, he carries water, gathers firewood, and helps in the kitchen. And if you thought that slowed him down, think again! In his free time, he loves playing group games, he loves riding his bike, he loves walking, playing with marbles, playing basketball, playing hide-and- seek, playing with cars, he loves to run, draw, jump rope, sing and he loves telling stories.
He loves Batman, the colors orange and yellow, wants to be a soldier when he grows up, is above average, is in 4th grade, has a sister named Gen who turned 10 on July 6. His mom's name is Levilita, she is 44 years old, and his dad's name is Gregorio, he is 46 years old. His mom doesn't work and usually writes his letters and writes in English. His dad works. He knows some English but tends to write in his own language at times. (he has written both languages in one letter... it was confusing). They had recognition day on April 21, 2012 and he received a ribbon and a medal and he always asks that i pray for his studies. His best friend is "Janjie" He likes fried chicken, his favorite song is "God is good to me" he likes riding his bike, playing with toy cars, he likes horses, wants to be a soldier, in April he was 54 pounds (24.6Kg) and 4 feet tall. (124 cm) He lives in a rural village/town, he lives in one of the provinces of Mindanao in the city of Lanao del Norte. He likes to play with his sister and friends. His mom is very funny in the letters. He loves to memorize bible verses and listening to bible stories, He loves to go to the center regularly. He loves to play basketball, and riding his bike. He likes to go to church with his parents and sometimes with his aunt. He likes to play with his cousins. He also loves to listen to music. He likes to ride a scooter with his cousins. He does his household chores such as folding his blanket, and praying before he goes to bed. He pitches water from the faucet for their daily use in drinking. And then he takes a bath and then he will wear his uniform and prepare to go to school. In school they say their pledge of Allegiance to the flag. He likes to play with marbles, his favorite animal is a chicken, He loves Batman, He likes to go to the center to get his vitamins. They have a National Hero's Day (memorial Day), and Independence day.

If you were to sponsor him, I could give you a Step into your child's world brochure, his letters (he loves to draw trees), and anything that you want to know about him!

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