Most, if not all know that i am raising money for the Hydrocephalus Association. And for the ones that don't know what hydrocephalus is, it is when the body can't absorb the CSF that all of our bodies. And my brain was deformed when I was a baby making my brain not drain the fluid properly causing the fluid to increase in my brain causing it to expand. And the only treatment to date, is a surgical implantation of a shunt into my brain. Its a flexable tube that helps drain the fluid from my brain to my stomach to be absorbed by my body. Why am I asking my OC friends? For one, if ive learned anything through OC, its that many people here have giving hearts. Ones that truly inspire me to give when i can. :)

Also, y'all know I went last week to figure out what is causing my headaches (it is my shunt. I am starting to loose extreme weight and my neck and stomach hurt constantly... but, I have to wait a few more months :(  ). Because unlike other implanted devices that are guaranteed to last a long time, shunts are guaranteed to break. In fact, 50% of shunts fail within 2 years. So having this one for a year, is average. Some people go longer, but even those are considered rare. And doctors are amazed when it happens. And I am raising money for this so that one day, a child born with my condition, wont have to have a shunt to "temporarily" fix the problem. And if I don't go to the hospital to have this fixed, i will start having seizures and eventually, my body will shut down, and I will die. I have had 9 surgeries to date. And I am pretty sure that before my time on Earth is complete, i will have many, many more.

Please donate so that research can be done to fix this. I know with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!


And as well, if you can give one dollar, please don't be discouraged! One dollar is still one dollar! And its one dollar closer to a cure. And as well, in the bible it states that everything belongs to God, so all the money is ultimately His, and He judges the heart. Not your wallet. I would rather have 1 dollar from someone who wants to find a cure rather than get 2,000 from a corportation that just wants to write it off on their taxes.

And all the OC members who have helped me, PLEASE, I just want to say THANK YOU!!! And when I go on my WALK and they ask "How did you raise that money" I will say it was from Compassion Internation sponsors. And it will help me get kids sponsored. Wouldn't that be cool to help 2 causes I love at the same time? That is something that is only possible with God. ;)

The link is below. I think if your international, you can help as well. If your international and you would like to help me, PM me and I will let you know how to do it. ;) I got the OK a few days ago that international donations are allowed. :) And they will be converted into dollars. :)

Thank you for everyone who is just even praying for me. Prayer is always more powerful than money.

Also, please, if you donate, leave your email address and I will email you and ask you for your mailing address and I will send you something after the 10th as a "Thank you" for donating to me.

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