So I heard on OurCompassion that there is a supposed "second list" that you could get added to if you already have the maximum of 3 correspondence kids. And i wanted to know for myself. So I called Compassion and I asked them about it. The guy on the phone said that yes, there is a second list, and yes, i was added to it. But since i already have 4 which is one over the allowed limit, he said that i would be considered "low priority" and the people who do that rarely look at that list. He said not to think that i might get a child tomorrow. Or if ever. But, i am on the list. So that is a start. I guess. Question, if you have ever gotten on the "second list" how long did you have to wait before you got a child? I know it varies, but I think he was just giving me the worst case scenario.

I am just glad I looked at OurCompassion, otherwise I would have never known. i just pray its something God wants me to do. If not, that is ok too. I still have 4. But, I also have 3 from Auntie's Angels, and that makes 7. I would like one more to make it 8. You know, to make it even. :)



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