So, I am not at home right now. :) I am in the beautiful country on Bolivia. And I got the pleasure to see a really great friend of mine named Abraham. He had been busy caring for his siblings, but was able to stop and talk with us for a few minutes. He said that he greeted us with peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. And he was ecstatic for the photos and stickers and books that his sponsor had recently given him. He really enjoyed them and thought they were very nice. He was telling us that on Christmas he helped his mother cook dinner, and he was telling us about the struggles that his sponsor was having recently with being in the hospital and how she was having problems with her brain, and he said that he really hoped that her brain is well and that she didnt have any problems. :) I noticed that he was all bundled up in warm clothes and he said that it has been very cold lately. And he asked me how the weather is in Florida, and I explained that to him. He told me that his sponsor had also said that she had hurt her nose (I'm guessing his sponsor is a real klutz) and that he prays that she would get better and heal soon. Before we left, we had asked him if there was anything that we could pray about, and he said he really wanted us to pray for his previous sponsor. I didn't ask why he wanted us to pray for him, but he did say that he wanted his life to go well and that he wouldn't turn away from God. He told us that he really hoped that we had had a good Christmas with our families. He said that now Christmas and New years are over, he is back in school. He asked us when our birthdays are and that he wanted us to know that his birthday is May 11. He had told us in the past that his family might be having problems, and i was praying for that, and he said that now there are no problems in his family. and that thanks to God, there were no problems in his family. He said he was giving thanks to God to hear that his sponsor was doing better. He was really worried about her. He said that his brother, Alfredo, went into military training, and that is makes him sad because he misses him allot. He said that his birthday was May 6 and he turned 20. He told us that his brother, Kevin, has a birthday in April 26th. And he said that his little sister's birthday is June 22nd, and his younger brother's birthday is April 20th. And he said that he heard that his sponsor and her sister fight allot. :) and he said that he is praying that that situation improves. We conveyed out goodbyes and he said that he loved his sponsor and that he said he always signs each letter with "with love, Abraham"

I hope to get to talk to him some more soon. This is the longest ive had to wait to hear from him. So I am hoping it wont be another 3 months before i get to see him again. :)


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