Today is Abraham's birthday. And even though we haven't spoken to him in a while, i still like to remember the birthday's of our highlighted kids. He is 14 years old as of today. I remember when I first met him. It was in June and even though I knew it was after his birthday, I still recognized his birthday. He had just turned 13 and that is a big age to turn. He went from being a kid to being a teenager. And I found out from Compassion he is expected to graduate October 1, 2017. So I will be able to communicate back and forth with him for 5 more years... God willing. He has really grown up since I first met him. Allot happens in a year, and I know that he will have an amazing birthday. I can't wait to be writing a Travel Log for his 15th birthday. Oh and then his 16th birthday! That will be so cool! To see how much he has grown look at his pictures in our Bolivia Spotlight its amazing.

This is what he looks like now:


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